Careers in T&L

Transport is all about moving freight and passengers by air, rail, road and sea and logistics is the organisation and implementation of the transport system.

The Australian transport and logistics (T&L) industry is responsible for the way Australia moves products, services and people, and covers six broad areas: road transport, rail transport, aviation, maritime, and warehousing and distribution, and the network includes ports, roads, railways, freight terminals, airports, distribution and materials handling centres.

Almost everything that we purchase has at some stage been transported by air, sea, rail or road and stored before or after its distribution. In many cases items are dealt with by numerous people within the T&L industry before they are purchased.

The transport and logistics industry provides services to a huge range of industry sectors including agriculture, wholesale, retail, mining, tourism, manufacturing, fishing, construction and forestry, to name just a few. With such a large range of career opportunities being offered, there is a career that suits everyone.

In this section you’ll find information tailored to suit employers, schools, students or those generally interested in a starting a career in the T&L industry.

How do I get started?

The LTC provides comprehensive industry specific information on T&L careers, including job profiles, qualification requirements and job vacancies in WA. Below you’ll find many other career sites for people interested in joining or changing careers in the transport and logistics industries.

Go Places contains a collection of video of skilled workers across all T&L sectors. From entry level to supervision and on to management, specialist or executive roles.

Our downloads section has career pathways guides showcasing the many different career pathways available within Transport and Logistics. Each pathways guide shows how, through qualification and experience, a high school leaver can aspire to one day manage, or even own, an enterprise.

Employees already in the industry can access information about training and education to specialise, gain promotion or attain national industry mobility, while career changers can also look for training or entry opportunities to pursue a possible new career path.

This is part of a wider strategy that aims to promote Transport and Logistics as an industry of choice.

Rail Career Pathways

The Rail Career Pathways Website is a key career building tool for anyone new to the rail industry with links to further study, industry bodies and current projects.

Rail Career Pathways can be used also as a free resource both for current Australian rail workers looking to change, grow or move their careers as well as workforce and careers professionals to use as a resource tool in attracting and developing talent for the rail industry.

Rail Career Pathways details career profiles across Engineering, Trades and Technicians, Operations and Corporate Support. Each of these full career descriptions will cover a description of what to expect in the role, the skills and attributes required, working conditions, and training and related career paths for your future.

There is also an A-Z of Rail Careers covering over 150 roles across the rail industry with an accompanying short description.

Visit to find out more about how rail can offer you the career pathways into an industry that continues to change the way we live.

Rail Careers

The Rail Careers website provides a network of opportunities with diverse and interesting careers in the rail industry. This is a great resource if you are considering the rail industry as a place to work and advance your career.

Careers at Sea

The Careers at Sea website has been developed in order to provide people looking for information on the various careers available in the shipping industry, with information for each occupation. Information available on each of the maritime occupations includes: career pathways, job descriptions, salary ranges, qualifications required, registered training providers, course structures and entry requirements. There are also a range of useful links for those seeking to obtain a career at sea or progress their existing career.

LINC logo

Another excellent resource on career pathways in the T&L industry is the LINC, a national web portal linking users to a huge variety of industry specific information and resources. LINC covers all areas of the T&L industry including:

  • Road
  • Rail
  • Sea
  • Air
  • Services to freight
  • Cold chain logistics

Focusing on T&L industry careers, LINC has over 70 specific career briefs and an exciting Interactive Career Pathway builder where you can map out an entire career!

Career Sites

In addition to the dedicated transport and logistics websites, there are a number of general career sites that are quite helpful. There’s Job Outlook , SkillsRoad and myfuture which have great information on job prospects, earnings and vacancies for hundreds of jobs and My Skills which connects students and employers to training organisations. At the local level, there’s also the Career Centre which provides free and independent training information and career guidance here in WA.

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