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Industry Overview

The Postal Sector is made up of operators involved in the collection and delivery of mail, documents and parcels. With the vast distances travelled domestically and internationally, time is of critical importance. Services incorporate a comprehensive network of company owned operations, subcontractors and agents to ensure that client needs are met.

Research has shown that diversification has become a crucial component to the success of any postal organisation. In this industry, just targeting a reduction in operating costs will not be enough to achieve efficiency and longevity. The decline of reserved services has caused companies to reassess revenue streams and develop new ways to engage their customer base. There has been considerable growth in the parcel delivery market in Australia and value adding services are showing signs of positive earning potential.

Technology continues to play a significant role in moulding how operators embrace change and incorporate it into their operating structures. With the rise of e-commerce, postal companies are strategically positioned to gain the most benefit out of partnerships with retailers as they have access to the largest network that services households.

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