Careers in Stevedoring

Stevedores use a range of heavy machinery to load and unload cargo, including forklifts, straddle carriers and gantry cranes. Netting, straps and ropes are used to securely lash cargo into place once it has been loaded to avoid damage while in transit. Radios may also be used to communicate with other workers.

In 2010/11 WA handled 53% of Australia’s trade tonnage with a combined throughput of 517 million tonnes and $124 billion in trade value terms. Port Hedland and Dampier Port Authorities were ranked as the two largest tonnage ports in Australia by volume during that time. Trade volumes have increased by 131% from 224 million tonnes in 2000/01 to 517 million tonnes in 2010/11.

Critical Skills Shortage Occupation

  • Ship’s master (specialisation Marine Pilot)

Positions, training and available jobs

The list below contains some of the possible positions that can be held in the Stevedoring industry. Following the links will provide more information on the positions, the associated qualifications and job vacancies in WA.

* Please note that this list is a guide and titles and qualifications may vary.

Stevedoring Occupations
Job TitleQualificationJob Vacancies
Stevedore (Waterside Worker)Certificate II in StevedoringStevedore
Gantry Crane OperatorCertificate III in StevedoringGantry Crane Operator
Crane Driver/OperatorCertificate III or IV in Mobile Crane Operations and Certificate III in StevedoringCrane Driver/Operator
Straddle DriverCertificate III or IV in Mobile Crane OperationsStraddle Driver
Equipment ControllerCertificate IV in Stevedoring OperationsEquipment Controller
Straddle Carrier OperatorCertificate IV in Stevedoring OperationsStraddle Carrier Operator
Yard PlannerCertificate IV in Stevedoring OperationsYard Planner
Container Terminal ManagerCertificate IV in Logistics or DiplomaContainer Terminal Manager
Operations SuperintendentDiploma or Advanced Diploma of Deployment Logistics/DegreeOperations Superintendent

Qualification Profile of Workforce

Stevedores do not require formal qualification to work, but are governed by regulations regarding safety, security and operation tickets, which require some training. Although there are formal qualifications available for Stevedores up to Certificate IV, the uptake has been minimal, with training predominantly occurring through an eastern states provider and not appearing on WA statistics.

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