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The Key to your Future Career Video

The LTC is proud to launch ‘The Key to your Future Career’ promotional video which we hope will serve as an introductory tool for those interested in joining our exciting industry.You can download a copy of the video here or if you would prefer a DVD copy, just contact us.

The LTC is very grateful for the invaluable assistance and input received from a wide variety of organisations from both the T&L industries and Government in the production of this video.

Downloadable Brochures –

Follow the links below for content on each of the major industries in Transport and Logistics. The general overviews immediately below are followed by links to industry specific information.


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Industry Information

Aviation Flight OperationsFreight ForwardingLogisticsRail Operations
Aviation Ground OperationsFurniture RemovalMaritimeRoad Transport
Recognition of Prior LearningRail InfrastructureStevedoringWarehousing

The Transport and Logistics Industry Map

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A presentation on Careers in Transport and Logistics can also be found here.