State Priority Occupation List (SPOL)

The State Priority Occupation List is an annually produced list of skilled occupations in high demand or considered industry-critical in Western Australia. The list primarily informs the development of the State Training Plan, which guides the funding of training programs and links with the Skilled Migration Occupation List.

The Department of Training and Workforce Development conducts extensive economic and labour market research and analysis at an industry and occupational level to determine the State’s priority occupations. This work is supplemented by intelligence provided by industry, facilitated through the Training Council network.

As part of this network, the LTC provides strategic advice on occupations considered to be experiencing skill shortages or that are critical to their industry, based on research and consultation with industry. If you have queries regarding specific occupations, or if you feel an occupation in your industry should be considered for the SPOL, please contact us. Training Councils are the first point of contact for feedback regarding the list.

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