Selecting a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

What to look for when selecting an RTO

There are many different organisations that offer training in Western Australia including TAFE colleges, private training providers, universities, adult and community education providers, community organisations, schools, higher education institutions, commercial and enterprise training providers, industry bodies, and other organisations that meet registration requirements. How the training and assessment is conducted and what it costs is negotiated between the employer and RTO.

You may change RTOs at any time during the traineeship, however, if you have a commercial arrangement with your RTO you should take this into consideration.

The following checklist has been developed to help you make the best decision regarding your training pro.

  • Is the RTO genuine about spending the necessary time to ensure your staff will benefit from the training?
  • Does the RTO discuss the needs of your company to find out the best approach for you? The majority of the qualification will require training so this is particularly important.
  • Does the RTO have specialist trainers for the qualification they will deliver?
  • Is the RTO prepared to develop training and assessment tools to meet any specific requirements of your workplace?
  • Will the RTO show you the training and assessment materials they will be using?
  • Can the RTO give you references of companies they have dealt with before?
  • Do you feel you will be getting value for money? When negotiating the training and assessment costs with the RTO, estimated time spent on training and assessing and how the training will be conducted, will affect the cost.
  • Can the RTO provide advice and assist you to develop a training culture within your organisation?
  • Be aware that quality training is not cheap and lowest price may not always give you the best result for your trainees.

To find out which RTOs deliver the training you require, visit the following website: The LTC also maintains a list of RTOs categorised by industry.

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