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The What’s New page contains links and information regarding industry changes, legistlation updates, up coming program information and application forms. Please notify the LTC via the contact form if you are aware of relevant information that is not listed on this page.

The Key to your Future Career Video

The LTC is proud to launch ‘The Key to your Future Career’ promotional video which we hope will serve as an introductory tool for those interested in joining our exciting industry. You can download a copy of the video here or if you would prefer a DVD copy, just contact us.

The LTC is very grateful for the invaluable assistance and input received from a wide variety of organisations from both the T&L industries and Government in the production of this video.

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Free Flexibility, Diversity and Workforce Planning Advice

In an ever changing market, it is important for your small business to have a productive and engaged workforce.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) are offering free face-to-face advisory sessions to assess and improve your workplace’s flexibility and diversity to ensure you have the workforce you need. CCI will also supply you with their Workforce Skills Assessment and Planning Tool which allows you to adapt your workforce to meet changing conditions. Throughout the process, CCI will provide ongoing phone support to answer any of your queries.

Contact CCI’s Workforce Development Services team to find out how they can help your business on (08) 9365 7560 or email WDS@cciwa.com to book in for a free advisory session.

The Workplace Flexibility and Diversity Service, provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, is funded by the Australian Government.


Chain of Responsibility Update

As of 27 April 2015, new Chain of Responsibility provisions have taken effect in Western Australia to hold all parties in the supply chain accountable for mass, dimension and load restraint breaches.

A Chain of Responsibility Overview of the Changes and a list of FAQs are now available for download from the Main Roads website.

For further information on Chain of Responsibility Legislation, please visit the Main Roads Chain of Responsibility webpage.


Changes to Federal Funding

The online resource for federal funding is now the Business.gov.au website which hosts details of the primary source of Federal funding for training, the Industry Skills Fund. The Industry Skills Fund replaces the now closed National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) and Business.gov.au replaces the Skills Connect website. A list of additional incentives can be found here.

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New Careers website ‘Go Places’

Go Places is the latest initiative from TLISC to attract and retain skilled workers across all T&L sectors. From entry level to supervision and on to management, specialist or executive, the Go Places micro site clearly defines Transport and Logistics career paths, supported with information about qualifications and job demands.

The micro site shows how, through qualification and experience, a high school leaver can aspire to one day manage, or even own, an enterprise.

Employees already in the industry can access information about training and education to specialise, gain promotion or attain national industry mobility, while career changers can also look for training or entry opportunities to pursue a possible new career path.

The Go Places micro site is part of a wider strategy that aims to promote Transport and Logistics as an industry of choice.

CleanRun EcoDrive

CleanRun EcoDrive is a tool for fleet managers to drive down vehicle emissions and increase fuel efficiency. The initiative is designed to deliver measurable results using minimal resources. It is a free resource and involves nominal setup expenses. The benefits can be threefold:

  1. Budget Savings
    Reduced fuel costs
    Reduced vehicle maintenance
    Reduced accidents
  2. Health and Safety
    Safer, better drivers – more alert, less fatigued
    Reduced exposure to toxic emissions
  3. Environment
    Reduced emissions and carbon footprint
    Green business edge, enhanced corporate image

The CleanRun EcoDrive toolkit includes a training DVD for drivers, trainers and fleet managers. Get started right away with the CleanRun EcoDrive toolkit available from cleanrun@DER.wa.gov.au.

CleanRun EcoDrive is an initiative of the Department of Environment Regulation. Contact cleanrun@DER.wa.gov.au or (08) 9333 7441.

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TLISC 2015 E-Scan Released

The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) have released the 2015 Environmental Scan (E-Scan), its flagship annual review of the skills requirements of the workforce, and the progress of the national training system in meeting these needs.

A host of economic, technological and demographic forces across Australia and the Asia Pacific region are shaping the immediate future of the country’s $132 billion Transport and Logistics industry. Changing requirements for jobs and skills across road, logistics, rail, aviation, maritime and ports, and the way industry and the training system responds to these, will have a significant impact for the 820,000 strong workforce and the economy at large.

For more information, please visit: www.tlisc.org.au/industry

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