Environmental Scan

Environmental Scan

The Environmental Scan gives an overview of the Transport and Logistics Industry and consists of a comprehensive study of the issues affecting the sector based on research, surveys and consultations with industry. It also serves the purpose of informing both our Stakeholders and the Department of Training and Workforce Development on findings regarding training, performance and needs of the Transport and Logistics Industry as a whole within Western Australia. The report is given below in PDF format. If you do not wish to download the complete document, you can download the Executive Summary along with the relevant sector report.

Executive Summary







Freight Forwarding

Ports and Stevedoring

Warehousing and Logistics

Regional Report

E-Scan Front Page

Environmental Scan 2015 (Complete)

Environmental Scan 2014

Environmental Scan 2012/13

Environmental Scan 2011

Environmental Scan 2010

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